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World Outreach

World Outreach Ministry


Our World Outreach Ministry is dedicated to reaching the world beyond Ames, Iowa. Currently our church supports 24 missionaries across the world and 10 ministries based in the United States that have the specific goal of church planting. 

Our missionaries are seeing people get saved, building churches, and lives transformed by the power of God's Word because of our support.

Our church has given generously so that a church in Zambia could be build. Our church has given generously so that our missionaries could provide disaster relief to hurting countries. Our church has given generously so that our missionaries can give Bibles to those without God's Word.  We love what God is doing across the world through Heartland Baptist Church!

Our Missions Team meets the 2nd Sunday of the month @ 5:00 PM.

The purpose of our meeting is to stay connected to our missionaries by hearing about what is going on in the country and how God is using the support funds that we send from our church.




Join us as we reach out to a lost and dying world.



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