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Missions & World Outreach Ministry

Our World Outreach Ministry is dedicated to reaching the world beyond Ames, Iowa. 


Our missionary families serve as extensions of Heartland Baptist and expand the Kingdom through church planting, refugee care, Christian education, sports outreach, and more. Currently we support around 29 missionaries and 7 ministries.   

If you would like to receive an newsletter update from any of our missionaries, please contact them by email and ask them to add your email address to their prayer letter updates.

  • Zambia - Danny & Meshelle - danlbowl@yahoo.com 
  • Guatemala - Karen Kolb - Karen4guate@gmail.com
  • Brazil - Patrick McClure - Patrick.Mcclure@bbfimissions.org
  • Spain - Arnold & Leslie Belasco - Spainstakesministries@gmail.com
  • Mexico - John & Laura Bryan - missionarytomexico@gmail.com
  • Thailand - Shane Salmon - shane.salmon@bbfimissions.org
  • Ethiopia - Dwayne & Tammy Wright - Dwayne.wright@bbfimissions.org
  • Germany - Jurgen & Sherri Notz - jsnotz@gmx.de 
  • Uruguay - Esteban & Emily Alverez - esteban.alvarex@bbfimissions.org
  • Japan - Jim & Amy Smith - gatewaytojapan@hotmail.com
  • China 
  • USA
  • Egypt
  • Turkey
  • Pakistan
  • Mongolia
  • Egypt



Each year we host a very special event during our Services with our missionaries.  They will share their passion for the country they are wanting to go to  as well as you will have an opportunity to meet each new Missionary.   During the conference you can even have the opportunity to host a lunch or dinner with the visiting missionary. 




Each year we raise funds for different projects around the globe.  During 2021 we raise special project funds for 10 different projects.  One Project was for different feeding centers in connection with Manna Worldwide.  We supported disaster recovery efforts through our partners at Project 99.  We helped our missionaries provide food bags to help families in need during COVID-19.  This year we raised fun to help plant two churches in Ethiopia and Mongolia.  Raised support funds to send missionaries out of the Philippines to Cambodia. Each year we love seeing how God has used the faithfulness of our church towards the mission of God!




The purpose of our meetings is to stay connected to our missionaries by hearing about what is going on in the country and how God is using the support funds that we send from our church.

If you would like to be a part of this great team let us know by calling the church office or simply join us during one of the monthly meetings. 








Heartland Baptist Missions & Outreach offers  global missions trips.  During these trips you will be able to experience what is it like to live in a different country, meet our missionaries, and see the work they have been a part of during their time on the field. 

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