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AM Series: 2023 June-July "Heavenly Encouragement From Hebrews"
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Missions Conference 2023 Jordan and Nikki Nisly PM

# 5 Jordan & Nikki Nisly 2023-02-12 AM

Though Manna is in other countries, we're focusing on Guatemala today 
Chuck Ward Missions Conference 2023 "Why is it so important to give to missions?" 02/05/2023 AM 

  John & Tammy Cooley Evening Service

Missions Conference 2023 # 1 - Let the Dead Bury Their Dead 01/29/2023 AM - From Matthew 8:18-27
Mike Baumgarten, Stephen Crane, Stewart Eades, Seth Henschen, Stan Jensen, Jeff Kyle, John Lee, Christian Lewallen, Jim Stoker, Joe Stoker 
 Children's Pastor Mike Baumgarten preaching 
Young Adult Minister, Seth Henschen Preaching


"Missions Conference 2022" Jan. 30 - Feb. 13 2022 AM & PM

PM Series: June-July 2023 "The Life & Times of Jacob the Con Man” 
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