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F A Q Audio Problems or Questions.

If you are having trouble playing, downloading Audio files, feel free to contact AV Ministries at tvmaniowa@gmail.com, but before you do, check out the tips below to see answers to some common problems and questions.

  • How do I download past, Older than one week sermon series audio?
    Older Sermon audio is available to download from Google. Left Click on sermon title you want, link will take you to Google site with the MP3 file you selected, click on the download button inside the large center box, if you see "Sorry, we are unable to scan this file for viruses." click on "Download anyway" your system will scan before saving anyway. You will now see a box giving you options to, "Open" = will open your audio player and start playing very quickly.
    Or click "Save" or "Save as" to change file name or location you want to store the file.
    In some browsers you may have the option to "save and open" then the file is saved to your hard drive and playing at the same time.
  • How do I download one of the NEW sermons?
    It's easy! Just right click on the sermon title that you want to download. Then, in the menu that pops up, left click on the words "Save Target As". A window will pop up that will let you save the file to a location on your computer. Select your location and then click "OK". Be sure to remember the location of that file so that you can find it again later
  • How do I play one of the sermons?
    It's even easier than downloading! Just left click on a sermon that you want to listen to and it will either automatically pop up for you to listen to it, or a window will pop up asking if you want to open the file or save it. Then just click open and it will start playing!
  • I downloaded a sermon but now I can't find it to play it, what do I do?
    Well, the most likely problem is that you didn't remember the location of the file when you saved it. So, go back through the process of downloading the sermon, but this time, when the window pops up, remember the location on your computer that you save the file to. If you don't know how to do that, the easiest thing to do would be to click the drop down menu in that window and select "Desktop". That way when you close your web browser you'll see the file right in front of you.
  • I clicked on a sermon to play it, but I couldn't, what do I do?
    The most likely problem is that you don't have any software installed on your computer to play music. What you need to do is download the sermon (see problem #1) and then download some music software like Itunes or Windows Media Player. Both are available online for free download.
  • If none of these helped, feel free to contact us with any problems you may still be having!
    Heartland Baptist AV Ministries at tvmaniowa@gmail.com


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