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Sports Week

Sports week – June 28- July 2 from 9-Noon

We are not only excited to have fun, help with fitness and help with sports skills, but also to teach some biblical truths to each child as well. Each child will register to one of the two tracts and a coach will teach them the basic rules, techniques, and skills for each sport. The morning will be followed by lunch in the picnic shelter.
Common Questions:
What are the tract and what do they mean?

Tract one
BASKETBALL – Each child will learn different basketball drills, dribbling skills, shooting technique and will scrimmage each other at the end of the week using the skills learned
SOCCER – Each child will learn different ball handling skills, rules of soccer, and passing techniques, and will scrimmage each other at the end of the week using the skills learned
SOFTBALL – Each child will learn the proper positions, batting skills, pitching skills and will have a “homerun” challenge at the end of the week!
Tract Two
HORSEMANSHIP – Each child will learn to properly care for the horse, the equipment associated with horses, and proper riding technique.
GOLF – Each child will learn how to properly play the game of golf, learn how what each club does, and how to properly swing the clubs.  They will go to a driving range on the golf course.
MARKSMANSHIP – Each child will be able to learn the skill of accurately learning how to site in a bow, hit a target, and safety of handling a bow and rifle.  At the end of the week we will have a marksmanship contest.
           The registration fee $25 and it helps cover the cost of food for the week
We will begin each day with a few stretching exercises at 9 AM and then we finish lunch and awards at noon.
How do I register? 
Simply fill out the form below.


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