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Philosophy of Ministry

What is our Philosophy of Ministry?

     Though I get asked this a lot, I have no patented answer.  I suppose when people want to know about our philosophy of ministry, they’re just wanting to know what’s important to us or how we do things.  Well, here are a few thoughts.  We are a Bible believing church.  That means that we base our doctrinal statement on it (that’s what we believe) but also base how we practice our faith (that’s what we do).  So when we make decisions about some current social issue or how to handle a decision, we refer to the Scriptures for either direct instruction or Biblical principles to guide us. 


     We are also an evangelistic church.  That means we try as we can, to be a witness in our community and to make sure that those that we are able to minister to, hear the good news of the Gospel and that Christ offers salvation and eternal life to those who believe on Him and ask Him for forgiveness of their sins.  This is so important to us, that in our sermons, Bible studies and printed material, we are not afraid of addressing that all are sinners because we want them to know that Jesus died for their sins and if they will repent, Jesus will forgive them and save them. 


     We also are a church that teaches and preaches the whole council of God from the Scriptures.  Perhaps this is somewhat of a distinguishing factor.  We know that the God of the Old Testament is the same God of the New Testament.  And we balence our teaching and preaching so that an attender at HBC will learn the foundational truths of how God dealt with mankind in the Old Testament but also learn instruction from the grace of the New Testament as well (Malachi 3:6 & Matthew 5:17).   I personally think people really enjoy and gain alot of wisdom from hearing Old Testament preaching and then have a greater joy when they hear New Testament preaching. 


     Our church also conducts itself as a classic Baptist church.  This means that our pastor is allowed to lead, to preach what the Holy Spirit lays on his heart but classic Baptist church government also gives the congregation the opportunity for input, questions, and the right of approval on decisions.  In Acts chapter six, when the man of God and the people of God agreed, it was blessed by God.  We have annual church forums, where anyone who attends can ask questions, make suggestions and find out anything they want to know, as we believe that all Christians are indwelt by the Spirit of God and are led to help their church. 


     Other typical Baptist practices are that we baptize those who have already placed their faith in Christ which is called believers baptism.  We take great joy in those who have invited Jesus into their life then identify with Him by baptism.  We also have the Lord's supper once a month and follow the Scriptures in that it is a wonderful time of remembering what the Lord has done for us.  We practice church membership and I would love to talk to you about if you are interested.  We have almost 300 adult members now and that is increasing every year.  


     And lastly, I suppose most people want to know about a few distinguishing methods.  As far as music goes, we enjoy a nice blend of traditional hymns along with some exciting choruses.  We have a choir, a small orchestra and some great piano players along with those who sing specials.  I simply love our music ministry as its designed so that entire family can enjoy it. 

We also give an invitation in the morning services, to give people an opportunity to respond and come forward and pray if they'd like.  And I know that you will find us very friendly, with time and resources dedicated to creating an atmosphere where after coming to HBC, you will know that you have been in God’s house with God’s people.  


Pastor Randy Abell


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