Heartland Baptist Church

Rev. R.A. Abell - Senior Pastor

Pastor and Deanna Abell

Randy Abell grew up in Indiana on a farm and was saved as a young boy in Sunday School. Deanna grew up in Michigan as the daughter of a GM factory worker. Randy and Deanna met in college and married in 1987. They have two adult children and one grandchild.

Randy served in the army and was a businessman before being called to preach in 2001, after which they sold the business and went to Seminary before coming to Ames.

Deanna loves music, singing and teaching music and leads the ladies ministry.

For those interested in Randy's education, he has a B.A. in Education, an M.A. in theology from Baptist Bible Graduate School, a second M.A. in Religious Studies from Faith Theological Seminary, and a Phd in theology from Louisiana Baptist University.

Randy loves preaching, reading history, and making new friends.

Randy and Deanna would love to meet you!





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