"The Prophecies Of Christmas" - 2016

  The Prophecies Of Christmas

Morning Series: Dec. 2016

Hear how the prophecies about the birth of Christ not only came true, but gives us hope and security for the future! 

  December  4th   "The Prophecy of a New King"
How God brings good news to bad times - Matthew 2:1-12

  December 11th  "The Prophecy of a New Birth"
How God weaves the future for us - Isaiah 7 

  December 18th  "The Prophecy of a New Government"
How God will fulfill all our hopes - Isaiah 9

December 2016 Morning Series: "The Prophecies Of Christmas"

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Sorry! Live Video of Sermon did not Record 12/18/2016
          we have created a Video with Audio, text & graphics.





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