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  "Many Infallible Proofs: Fall Series 2017"
Morning Sermon at: 8:30 & 11:00 AM

Evening Sermon at: 6:00 PM


# 11 - Fulfilled Prophecy- Slam Dunk 10/15/2017

 AM -  Whether prophecies about ancient history, the Jewish nation and what society will be like in the last days, the Bible is "spot on". - From Isaiah 46:1-11 

# 12 - How Creation and the Flood Explain it all! 10/15/2017

 PM - There are big questions that evolution just doesn't have an answer for but the Bible account does? Don't miss looking at how the Bible explains what happened. - From Job 38-40:1-2 

         Printed Sermon Notes available in the Sanctuary. As you come into the service please pick one up to follow along as you enjoy the sermon.
On-line .pdf will be uploaded along with the recordings and will be available for you to view or print whenever you want to watch or listen to the Sermon!

     Sermon Notes :  .PDF - "Many Infallible Proofs:" 2017, Fall Series

     Sermon Audio:  .MP3 - "Many Infallible Proofs:" 2017, Fall Series





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