Sunday School - Heartland Baptist Church
Sunday School - Heartland Baptist Church

Sunday School

Sunday School For All Ages - The Original Small Group

On Sunday mornings at 10am, we have classes for every age group.  This not only allows us to teach at an age appropriate level for everyone from pre-school to young adults but also allows parents or grandparents to have some time in their favorite class to. Children’s classes are on a program to go through the Bible every 3 years while teen classes concentrate on Christian character and Spiritual disciplines and the adult classes tend to be Bible lessons to teach topics from the Bible.  

Sunday School Classes

Nursery:  Infants - 3 years old
Noah’s Ark Pre-school:  3 - 5 years old
Bible Town Primary:  1 - 2nd grade
Bible Town Middlers:  3 - 4th grade
Bible Town Junior Girls:  5 - 6th grade
Bible Town Junior Boys:  5 -6th grade
Jr. High:  7 - 8th grade 
Sr. High:  8 - 12th grade
Sr. High:  8 - 12th grade
Young Adults:  17 yr old - 29 yr old 
The Ambassadors Class: Young Professionals and older singles in the 26-40 age rang
Homebuilders:  Adults of small & teenage children
Lydia Class:  Ladies who attend church by themselves
Encouragers:  Open to everyone (meets in the Sanctuary)


Can I keep my children or grandchildren with me in a Sunday school class?

*Parents & Grandparents are welcome to take their children/grandchildren with them 
  to the Encouragers class in the Sanctuary if they like.  Parents & Grandparents are also 
  allowed to sit in their child’s or teen’s class anytime they like.  

Can a child or teen attend a class even if they are in a different grade?

*We try to be very flexible with our children & teen classes, allowing a friend who may 
   not be in the correct grade to attend with someone they know, as long as we can chat
   about it in advance to let the teacher know.  

What curriculum do the children & teen classes use?

*Our children’s classes use Bogard Press and our teens mostly use Regular Baptist Press
  material.  Our goal is to instruct children about the stories, truths & doctrines of the 
  Bible and teens about how to live a Christian life.  Any child or teen attending HBC for a 
  few years will be taken through the entire Bible.  

What kind of lessons do the adult classes teach?

*We teach topics in a series format, meaning that each year, each class will have from 4
  to 6 series, with each series lasting for 6 - 12 weeks.  There will be series on the book of
  James, on angels, on the names of God, parenting wisdom, how not to ruin your life by
  30, how to be an encouragement, and more…


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